10 Signs You’re Falling in Love

Signs You’re Falling in Love11
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Think you might be falling in love during your adult dating experience? It’s a tingling feeling that gets you all over. You have butterflies. Sometimes it feels as if you don’t know if you are coming or going. Does that sound familiar? Here’s how you know for sure.

You Can’t Stop Thinking about Them

A classic sign that you are falling in love is that you can’t get the person out of your mind. When you can’t stop thinking about them, you know that Cupid’s bow has struck!

You Can’t Take Your Eyes off Them

You also know that you’ve got the love bug really bad if you can’t take your eyes off them when you are in together. It can be a little disconcerting for the other person, but if you can’t stop staring at them, it’s one of the classic giveaways that you are falling in love.

Looking at Your Phone Constantly

Another tell-tale sign that you are in love is when you are always checking your phone to see if your lover has called or texted.

You stop doing your normal routine

If you stop taking part in your normal activities and the things you usually fill your time with, this is another sign that love has come to town. It becomes natural and normal for you just to spend time with your new partner – even if this means you are doing different things or going to different places.

You start making excuses to be with your partner

Falling in Love

It’s quite similar to how a drug addict begins to feel as a habit turns into an addiction. You start making excuses – even telling lies – to be closer to the person of your affections. Family and friends pale into insignificance up against your lover. You want to be with them, and only them. 

This might mean that you start doing things that you wouldn’t normally do so that you can be with that person.

Even if they do something you don’t like, you let it go

A real sign that the sign of love is above you is when your partner does something that you normally wouldn’t like or would find unappealing, even offensive, and you let it slide. You find yourself ignoring the behavior, forgiving him/her, or even making excuses for the person. Of course, you probably need to discuss the event with your partner at some point. However, this sort of behavior is a sign that you care for the person.

Time flies when you spend time together

When all that matters to you is being with that special someone, it’s another sign that adult dating has turned into love. Even if you’re not doing anything particularly special, you find that time flies.

This is the moment you know it’s for real. You don’t need to be taken out on the town. You don’t feel the need to stay in a 5-star hotel or be treated to a gourmet meal. All of a sudden, lazing around all day and doing nothing more than watching Netflix has become your be-all-and-end-all.

You feel unusually happy and optimistic


Day-to-day life can get you down, and it’s usual and completely normal to feel down now and again. If, however, everything now seems to be all rosy, that’s another sign that your love is for real. When you are in life, being with that person can make everything feel alright. Nothing else matters because you have that special person in your life, and with them, you feel that you can take on the world.

You can’t keep your hands off them

This is an obvious sign, but when you feel the uncontrollable urge to touch and kiss your lover at every opportunity, you can see that as a clear sign of love. It’s more than lust or physical attraction; it’s often the sign of something much deeper.

 You crave contact and not necessarily sex

Lust is one thing, but when you realize that all you want is to be in that person’s arms – when the cuddles are what you crave, not the sex itself, then you can be pretty sure it’s the real thing.