10 Things to Know Before Dating an Older Man

Dating an Older Man
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The Older Man Might Be More Emotionally Mature Than You

If you are a lot younger than the man you are dating, you should be aware that he has been in the adult dating game longer than you have. This gives him a lot of experience. Don’t worry too much about this, as having a wise head on his shoulders isn’t a bad thing.

However, you need to make sure that you are on the same wavelength as the older guy. If two people are not compatible with their emotional maturity, the relationship will be built on shaky foundations.

Be aware that an older man isn’t likely to want to play some of the games that younger couples might engage in. He is likely to be much more direct. He will know what he wants and know how to get it.

There’s Likely to Be an Ex and Kids on the Scene

The law of averages suggests that it is likely that an older man will have an ex-wife or partner, and quite possibly children too. This might not be necessarily be a problem, of course. It is also true to say that it could complicate matters. It’s also pretty normal for an older man to put their children’s interests first – in front of you and anybody else.


An Older Man Could Have a Different Sex Drive

Two people in a relationship having different sex drives is not uncommon anyway. The thing is, it can often be more pronounced if one of you is older. This is not an unusual thing to encounter in adult dating. It’s an issue that should be discussed rather than ignored. It can usually be resolved by sensible and mature discussion.

An older man will have different financial responsibilities

An older man is likely to be financially solvent, but it’s also likely that an older man will have different responsibilities. These need to be respected.

Your Communication Preferences Could be Different

The chances are that an older guy will be a good communicator. After all, he’s probably got plenty of experience. The age gap might mean that he has a different way of doing things, though. For example, social media might not play such an important part in an older man’s life.

Is he retired? He will have different priorities

It sounds great. A retired guy could well have more time for you and your relationship. However, be aware that’s this isn’t always a blessing or something positive. We mean by this that it can sometimes mean that it is hard to find a connection between the two of you. There will limit shared experience, and you might find that you don’t have very much in common.

Different plans for the future?

The age difference might not seem like an issue, but you should consider that an older guy might have a very different vision for the future than you have. You need to be sure that the two of you are compatible and want enough of the same things for the relationship to work.

Older Man Dating

Is Health an Issue?

It might not seem right now, but obviously, it stands to reason that an older man is likely to have more health issues as they are that bit more mature. If you are happy with this and aware of what you are getting yourself into, then it needn’t be a problem.

Will he want to party?

An older guy might have a different idea of what having a good time is. The party lifestyle and their days of clubbing and dancing might be past them. Again, this needn’t necessarily be a problem at all. It’s just another example of how an older person and a younger person might have different perspectives.

Are your cultural references the same?

The cultural reference points you have might be quite different from a more senior man than you. They could be into different music, movies, and media. Once again, this needn’t be a major issue – you could learn cultural references from each other. It’s just another thing to bear in mind.