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What Does Senior Age Mean
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When you’re looking to get back into the dating game and are over a certain age, it can be extremely confusing to work out where to start! Many mainstream dating sites cater to ‘all age groups’ but aren’t clear about what that means.

Likewise, senior dating sites sometimes don’t offer a mature definition, and you might feel like you fall into the gap between the two!

Not to worry, let’s take a look at senior age and how you can choose the best senior dating sites in Canada that are right for your bracket.

What Does Senior Age Mean?

Here’s where it gets confusing:

  • Senior citizen usually refers to somebody who is retired and is either over 60 or 65. So what if you’re 62? Does the interpretation depend on where you live and the average local retirement age?
  • A mature definition is that you’re a fully-grown adult. However, you can have 40 years olds who are still very irresponsible and mature 18-year-olds who are very trustworthy.
  • Many dating sites define senior age as being 55 and over, and indeed, most businesses that offer senior discounts consider people of 55 and above eligible.

The problem is that there isn’t a strict definition, and therefore, you might find dating sites created for senior age singles that all use a different parameter.

In the same way, many mainstream dating sites define their users in age brackets, usually:

  • 18-24
  • 25-35
  • 36-45
  • 46-55
  • 55 and over

But what does ‘and over’ mean? Could that be a couple of singles who are 56, with the rest being in their 80s? As with anything that is left to interpretation, we could all visit the same senior age dating site and form a different opinion.

Why Does Classifying the Mature Age Matter?

Of course, your age isn’t really anything but a number that tells you how many journeys around the sun you have taken. You can be well past retirement and be a fit, active, healthy person who has lots of passions and hobbies and therefore wouldn’t consider yourself of the mature age group.

Some singles find falling into a mature definition annoying, but you definitely shouldn’t.

Suppose you rephrase age as wisdom in your thinking and clarify what you offer a new partner. In that case, you’ll understand that mature dating is as much about bringing together compatible singles as it is at any age.

In our experience, the majority of senior dating sites consider senior age members as anything from 55 and above; and usually have a reasonably even spread of age groups throughout that demographic.

Choosing the Right Senior Dating Sites

When you’re looking for romance, a website’s age group is a lot less important than the quality of service on offer.

It can be tempting to opt for the free sites, but we usually find that those sites are not the best way to find authentic dates through our reviews. They are often a vehicle to get you to sign up and then encourage you to register for a premium, paid version to be able to read your messages – which are almost always fake or from a bot.

Therefore, you should consider a few factors when deciding on the right senior age website to register with:

  • How large is the membership base?
  • Are there many users of senior age in my local area?
  • If I upgrade, what are the costs, and am I tied in for an extended period?
  • What features, games, and tools are available?
  • Can I send and receive messages for free, or is this a paid service?
  • How safe and secure is the site?
  • What happens if something goes wrong; is there a customer support helpdesk?

These are just a few of the key things to think about – and it can be challenging to get this much information from a dating site if you’re not already a member.

Senior age dating site reviews are a great way to get a feel for choosing the right platform. They tend to cover all of the above points and report independently about their experience.

Tips for Senior Age Dating

If you’re new to senior dating, platforms and apps can seem confusing; but they’re designed to be user-friendly, so once you get started, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

You can often find FAQs and information sections, too, that guide you through all the most important features.