Senior Dating with

It’s fair to say that you don’t stop flirting because you grow old, you grow old because you stop flirting. This mindset sums up the spirit prevalent at, where age is just a number, and men and women of different generations mingle and interact freely.

As its name implies, this website is designed specifically for old people and most of the accounts belong to those over 40 or even older.

It’s possible to use the website in various ways, but it’s safe to say that is a great place to go if you are interested in casual dating or long term dating for seniors.

Since every dating website has many different aspects that can affect user experience and the chances of finding a date, we prepared a step-by-step review of that covers all the most important bits of information with a particular focus on the benefits of dating for seniors.


While is not the largest website for senior dating, it has a stable membership base that provides users with plenty of choices.

A majority of users are from English-speaking countries, with more than 300,000 registered profiles in the U.S. alone and plenty more in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

More than 360,000 people log on to the site every week in search of suitable partners for an adventure or a more serious relationship.

A large percentage of those are over 50 years old. LGBT people are not too frequently encountered, but they are also welcome to open an account at Flirty Mature.

First Impressions

If you intend to use this canadian dating site for over 40, you won’t need too long to get into the right mood on this website – it’s enough to look at photos of some great looking women.

Everything is well organized and easy to find, while a lot of active members are seeking the same thing you are. That’s a big advantage with a dating site dedicated to a particular age group, so even people over 70 can feel comfortable and act naturally here.

The site is legally registered in the British Virgin Islands and enjoys a good reputation for senior dating, while most of the profiles appear to be legitimate and belong to real people.

A particularly intriguing feature is the free 3-day premium membership – it signals confidence on the part of the provider that any users who experience the site firsthand will be highly motivated to come back and become long-term members.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Like all other websites of this kind, requires new users to create accounts and populate them with truthful information and realistic personal photos during the signup procedure.

Users must be 18 years of age or older to be able to become members, while e-mail verification is mandatory to cut down on fake identities on the site.

During the registration, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire with personal questions, but this part can be skipped if you are in a hurry to start your senior dating adventure.

Once you successfully create an account and choose your username and password, you gain access to the basic features of the website.

You can log in at any time by typing the address into your browser and entering the username and password when prompted.

The entire process is very intuitive and doesn’t require any technical knowledge other than basic PC application usage.

Making Contact on

Everyone on a dating site wants to establish communication, but free and paid members have different options at their disposal.

Members who are not paying for full membership face some significant limitations – they can send winks to other members and are allowed a maximum of five messages per day.

They can also send likes to other people as a way to get their attention, but this type of communication is not likely to result in a date on its own. Senior dating is a game of patience, so it may be a stretch to expect success with such strict restraints.

Meanwhile, premium members can send as many messages per day as they want and view more photos, so they have much greater chances of finding a new partner for a casual encounter within a short period.

That’s why it’s recommended for older people to approach the process with an open mind and upgrade their membership account if their initial attempts don’t result in a date.


This function is an important senior dating tool that allows users to view a larger and more diverse group of profiles.

As opposed to some other websites, Flirty Mature allows basic members to initiate searches, even if they can only view profile information and the main photo.

To access photo galleries, a premium profile is necessary. This is an important distinction since most people at the site want casual senior dating and care about the physical appearance of the potential partner.

Still, searching for suitable members based on various demographic criteria is a viable way to identify members you are interested in so you can contact them later, even if you can’t immediately see all the interesting photos.

Paid Membership Account

As we mentioned earlier, users who decide to pay for the advanced package of services get numerous perks that more than justify the investment.

The benefits of premium membership are especially valuable to men over 60 who like younger women, as they need to send many messages to find a suitable partner. There are several options available, including:

  • 3-day trial membership – free
  • 1-month membership at $28.80 per month
  • 3-month membership at $16.20 per month
  • 6-month membership at $13.20 per month

Security on

Privacy and security on are managed according to best senior dating industry practices and leave nothing to be desired.

There is practically no chance of identity theft or sensitive data leaks, so seniors (particularly women) who would like to be discreet about their sexual adventures have nothing to worry about when they open an account here.

Our review

Thanks to narrow specialization for senior dating and a solid set of features, this website deserves a good look from anyone interested in senior dating.

Older men who want to find attractive women for mutually beneficial relationships also have a lot of reasons to give this website a chance. In other words, may not be a site for everyone, but it certainly serves a purpose and serves it well.