Benefits of Hinge for Senior Dating

Hinge is one of many older women dating apps globally that lets you engage in a serious, healthy relationship with singles.

Before putting together this Hinge app review, we headed insight out and chatted with several members to have a closer look at their personalities and backgrounds.

Instead of settling down for less, Hinge is about to change the way many people are dating in today’s digital world. This dating app doesn’t restrict any age range, making it an enjoyable playground for all men and women alike.

Hinge is one of the coolest and biggest apps developed for long-term and healthy relationships. If you’re interested in a swinger, alternative partner, threesome, or friend with benefits, this site may not be the right place for you.

If you come with an open heart, Hinge is more than perfect!  


Members of Hinge

Currently, we learned that Hinge had been redesigned to target millennials. Based on our investigation, we have seen many millennials born between 1980 and 1996.

The good thing is that there was no restriction in age range, background, or ethnicity. These members are down-to-earth and very friendly.

Since most of our matches are millennials, we have a great time sharing our points of view before deciding to further for a serious attachment down the road. Hinge is one of the best free dating sites for seniors.

Hinge members

First Impressions

When it comes to design and modernity, Hinge won us over. The first impression of Hinge was more than expected. It persuaded us with a clean, modern, seamless, and thoughtfully design.

The main screen welcomed us with a live background. It means instead of showing a static image, and Hinge throws a short clip showing how fun dating can be.

There are clips about couples of different age ranges holding hands and having a good time. Moreover, the registration is straightforward, and everything is well instructed. It didn’t take us long to sign up with it either.


Sign-up and Log-in Process

Hinge is all about a comprehensive, smart, and quick sign-up process. This dating app requires all users to sign up with a verified phone number.

This is to prevent cloned accounts, scams, and robots from messing up with the dating environment. Once you fill in your phone number, allow the app to access all required permissions and start browsing members online.

Other than a phone number, you can also sign up using your Facebook account. Registering with Facebook also comes in handy since the verification and authentication process is supported by Facebook beforehand.

This procedure is similar to signing up with a phone number. The app itself automatically saves your information and account if you allow, making it easier if you log in the next time.

Hinge sign up

Making Contact at Hinge

Sparking a dialogue with Hinge users is feasible and straightforward. Making contacts on Hinge is somehow similar to Tinder. The first thing you need to do is exploring through the Discover section.

If you find any member that catches your eyes, simply send a Like by clicking on the Heart icon. While other apps don’t let users leave a comment, Hinge is going against the odds by providing you the ability to complement each other.

If the other person is interested in you and likes you back, then a private chat room is created for the two of you. Users can browse profiles once at a time.

Depending on their online status, a member can reply within a few minutes or take a day to get back to you!

Search Results and Filters

The search function is automatically suggested based on the information you provided in your own profile. The more detailed your profile is, the easier and more accurate the matches are generated. The parameters include:

  • Gender
  • Neighborhood/location
  • Age range
  • Maximum distance
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion

Some of the upgraded preferences include:

  • Height
  • Children
  • Family Plans
  • Education
  • Politics
  • Drinking and smoking habits

The search filters are comprehensive with modern criteria to provide an easy and hassle-free online experience. Remember that your matches are only generated based on the parameters you set on the profile, so make sure you know what you want!

Paid Membership Account

Once you upgrade your membership, here are the coolest benefits Hinge you can enjoy:

  • Create your profile
  • Upload more pictures and videos
  • Send more likes every day
  • Upgraded filter preferences
  • Unlock all filters
  • See who liked your profile

Other than these benefits and functions, you can also purchase Roses and Boosts separately.


Hinge knocks off other dating sites when it comes to safety measurements. First of all, all members must verify their accounts with a phone number or Facebook account.

The privacy policy also comes in handy, so you know which of your information should be shared online and not. If you encounter any discriminations or unpleasing behaviors, you can report abuse instantly to the moderators.

You can also choose to block a user if you are not pleased by their behaviors. All in all, dating and chatting on Hinge gave us a sense of security and hassle-free. We are very happy with it!

Our Review

  • Hinge is a great place to find a long-term relationship or a serious attachment for Canadians.
  • The overall design got us hooked right at the first time with a modern, state-of-the-art style.
  • The members are nice and respectful, with a great background and many stories to share with their partners.
  • The filter tool is comprehensive since it compiles all the modern and insightful parameters.
  • A Hinge may not be the best place to find someone with casual hookups and a one-night stand, so make sure you set the record straight!
  • The pricing plans are affordable.
  • Security measurement enhances our dating experience a lot.
  • There are no nudity or overloading Ads to mess up with the screen.

Sign up with Hinge for free today and settle for a new chapter of your love life!