How to Be More Attractive to Women

Speaking the truth, not every man is born looking excellent and charming. Not all men are born with any. However, that does not signify you’ll spend all your life secluded in your apartment with only your dog and Netflix as your companion. The truth is that appearances matter to both sexes though it’s not among the main things when seeking a partner. However, you may wonder what women find attractive in men since the science of sexual attraction is complicated and incorporates various factors from how you smell to how you walk.

Put on Red

The Journal of Experimental Psychology declares that putting on red is a symbol of power and supremacy. It is one way of attracting women as it shows how bold and fashionable a man is.

Grow the Moustache

Growing your facial hair indicates maturity and masculinity, making you stand out against the crowd. Just make sure you can grow hair. Having a beard is a thing that women like. Women find clean-shaven men less attractive, according to some Brazilian studies.

Have a Mild Smile

Regardless of what you may think, women tend to associate smiling with the best qualities of men. A comprehensive full smile makes men appear to be quirky and less authoritative, making them unattractive. It is essential to do something about that facial expression. The journal of Nonverbal Behavior found that men with gentle smiles are somehow honest, indicating that their expressions may be rated as extra genuine.

Improve Your Posture

Thinking about how to be more attractive to women? Studies indicate that good posture is among the good qualities in a man whereby good posture symbolizes confidence; hence men should avoid slumping always walking straight. That’s according to R. Don Steele, the author of Body Language Secrets. He attests that confident people are never in a rush. However, there’s a difference between winding around and strolling with an objective. Always walk as though you know what you’re doing and where you’re headed to.

Consume More Garlic

Is it a mystery for you what do women find attractive? In 2016, a study was published in the academic journal ‘Appetite’, which found out that man who consumed garlic smelled much more likable and were more appealing than those who don’t. The study proposes that consuming garlic somehow affects our body scent. To be more specific, having a garlic-y odor is unpleasant, but eating garlic is among the things that women prefer in a silent way.

Put on Cologne

Another thing that makes guys attractive to women is men who use cologne or designer spray. However, this has nothing to do with natural odors or auras. This is per a paper published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science. According to the study, participants who were provided with cologne reported back greater confidence and attested to feeling more attractive. That was not the end of the findings: When a section of women watched a quiet video of men who sprayed themselves, they evaluated them as sexier than the men who had no cologne. This indicates that when you feel extra sexy and confident, women notice that and find you more attractive.

Put on Sunglasses

Men who wear sunglasses attract women more since they look hotter, and that comes with proof. Vanessa Brown, being a lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, describes that sunglasses make guys appear strange. The eyes are such a monumental medium of information and susceptibility for humanity, as she spoke to ‘The Cult.’ According to her, not having those details attracts women more. They want to know more about the person wearing the glasses.

Befriend a Baby

Sometimes your best buddy can be a baby. According to a France study, men who took their time playing with babies had a 30% chance to get a woman’s number compared to men who disregarded toddlers. 40% of women issue out their number after seeing men smiling, murmuring, and talking to babies. So if you have a nephew or niece you admire a lot, offer to babysit them occasionally. Their parents will be so glad, and it will be advantageous to you since it’s one of the great traits that women like in men.

Take Your Dog for a Walk

The dog is a man’s best friend. According to a French study, the chances of women sharing their contacts with men who approached them with a dog is three times more than if they were alone. So, to be attractive to women, take your dog along as it helps increase social interaction. The researchers outline that canines improve some notion of sensitivity, kindness, and sympathy.

If you’re a man and wonder whether I am an attractive male, implementing these attributes will make you appear attractive. Even though physical appearance is essential, women want to feel protected, valued, and loved. With the above things in consideration, any woman can fall for you and remain in love.