Benefits of OkCupid for Senior Dating

Find time to visit one of the finer older woman dating apps the web has to offer. OkCupid facilitates dating of all sorts, initially focusing on long-term relationships.

The benefit of this site is its long-running service offering locals an opportunity to chat and make merry. Members on OkCupid tend to focus on something long-term.

However, with time, there has been an increasing number seeking short-term flings. That said, it is rare to find registered OkCupid members with little interest in settling down.

The LGBTQ community is also fully represented, with a few members from ethnic groups and a wide array of faith-based locals on board as well. OkCupid is an all-encompassing dating service.


Members of OkCupid

The membership base stands at over 10 million registered users from the USA. Canadian members will be glad to know there are roughly 50 million global members from OkCupid, more than enough to engage for any relationship type you seek.

Also, there is a decent pool of approximately 1,000,000 logins daily, enough to engage one or two daily matches meeting your dating requirements.

The majority of users are aged between 25 and 34, several of whom are professionals seeking something not short-lived. The popularity of the site since 2004 helps it boast almost twice as many men, who make up 65% of the site’s user base.

Most of these men are looking to settle down, which is what OkCupid seems to facilitate its user base.

First Impressions

Upon entering the site, you meet thousands of detailed and clean-looking profiles. This site and its popularity are not scams, as almost all profiles are linked to real locals.

These locals seek serious relationships, and utilizing the site shows that. You rarely receive negative responses, which come almost instantly upon sign up.

Because it is an intuitive site, you might keep coming back for more connections and flirting. OkCupid developers were interested in ensuring an easy-to-use platform for less tech-savvy peeps and a safe chatting environment.

Sign-up and Log in Process

There is a lengthy yet useful and apt registration process for OkCupid newbies. You can sign up using Facebook and have all necessary information imported instantly.

Alternatively, members can go the traditional route, fill out all necessary data, and then await email verification. On OkCupid, the questionnaire might take ten minutes to complete.

It is necessary to connect you with precision rather than guessing your interests. Soon after registration, members receive suggestions which they can engage or choose to dismiss.

Part of the registration process involves picking a sexual identity, and it turns out there are over 60 to choose from. OkCupid sign up

Making Contact on OkCupid

Once members like your profile, they can view messages you send to them on a free user account. If, however, someone hasn’t liked your profile, they won’t be able to respond to said messages.

It keeps off riff-raff, for lack of a better word, and limits unsolicited texts from your inbox. With an adequately dedicated matchmaking system, you make contact much faster than would be on other dating services.

Make further contact by showing interest with the double-take swiping feature. Unlike other dating services, there is no vast array of winks, flirtcast, or other forms of flirty texting options. .

However, breaking the ice is easy with free messaging and a double-take. OkCupid contact

Searching on OkCupid

Use search tools on OkCupid for epic matchmaking, and find a like-minded local nearby for fun dating. You can edit options to include one’s body modifications, body type, height, weight, and of course, location.

The site, by default, offers match suggestions daily, but you can find matches manually and save them for future use. Additionally, you can search for online-only OkCupid users nearby.

This feature, along with the standard algorithmic matching tool, is enough for precision-based matchmaking and sound dating.

Paid Membership Account

Paying members enjoy ample OkCupid features, with the option to view who has liked your profile and an ad-free experience. Use advanced search parameters to find members meeting your tastes to precision, and enjoy a daily profile boost for more exposure.

You will receive messaging priority with premium membership and be able to view public questions and answers. A premium subscription lets you capitalize on the online dating experience, with the ability to receive read receipts for all messages sent.

Other features like Stacks let you organize matches based on proximity and recommended, and you also have access to OkCupid blogs.

Security on OkCupid

The site offers handy blocking options available to all registered and completed profiles, simply at the click of a button. Find the three dots on top of profiles to block shady members, or you can select to report the profile for further action.

Admins spend ample time monitoring shifty personals, and with your help, you can create a much safer dating environment.

The privacy policy and terms of conditions of using the site-specific user conduct while on OkCupid, covering profile information validity and chatting guidelines.

Members are advised to practice vigilance while engaging members online and when you take matters off the web.

Our Review

A site for all and sundry, except ill-intentioned ones, OkCupid has been around since 2004 and continues to offer a safe environment and dating service for locals.

Canadians should visit the site and use the modern-day features available to free and pay users seeking fun dating. Because it is an encrypted platform, there should be no problem flirting away with strangers, something remarkably harder to achieve while barhopping or clubbing.

This platform is thus recommended to genuine Canadian folks who are tired of meeting scammers and timewasting folks on age-old dating sites.

Visit OkCupid today and create a profile for free without fear of ridicule, regardless of your identity, of which there are approximately 60 to select from.

Visit OkCupid now – try for free and meet your match made online instantly.