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Senior dating accounts for a large chunk of activity on dating websites but is rarely discussed seriously.

Most dating websites for older people are scarcely known to the general public, while in the case of larger websites many people are unaware they are suitable for people over 50.

In reality, even some of the best casual dating apps like are happy to serve senior users and can offer them an inclusive environment where they can connect with partners of any age.

This is why deserves to be examined from the perspective of dating for seniors, with all of the impactful features that affect user experience and chances of dating success.

We take into account that people over 70 may have different expectations than younger members, and we analyze each factor in the light of this fact.

Members on

It goes without saying that larger senior dating sites offer a better likelihood of meeting a good match, so the size of the membership base is an advantage.

More than 130,000 people seeking quick hookups on this site every week, including numerous women who don’t want to be committed to a relationship.

A large proportion of members are under 35, but the site works well for older people who know exactly what they want.

Of course, on the website of this type there are always some fake profiles, so new members are advised to take a good look at the photos as they can often reveal an artificial identity.

First Impressions

It doesn’t take too long to realize that is a place where you go to find a hookup, not marriage. This kind of clarity creates a more relaxed atmosphere where everyone can act naturally instead of pretending to be an angel.

This is especially liberating for old people who may be a little self-conscious when it comes to dating younger women. Technical features of the site may not be extraordinary, but usability is quite solid and the website is easy to navigate even if you are visiting it for the first time.

All things considered, looks like a legitimate option for senior dating with a narrow focus on hookups and casual sex encounters.

OneNightFriend for seniors in Canada

Sign-Up and Login Process

The process of creating a new account on is very simple and straightforward and can be completed very quickly.

It requires the user to send some information about him (location, physical features, age…) and to choose a unique username and a secret password.

An e-mail confirmation is required to complete the process securely and keep the number of bots at a minimum. That’s enough to create a profile and log in, but before it can be effectively used for dating for seniors it is necessary to spend a little more time to spice it up.

Good personal photos are desirable even if you are over 60 years old, while more filled out profiles stand a better chance of attracting the right person.

It is also a smart practice to get profile verification and demonstrate to other users that you are trustworthy and serious in your intentions.

Making Contact

In order to find a date on, members can engage in several ways of communication. However, all of those require a premium membership, so people without it can do little except browse profiles and look at photos.

Full members have the option to send, receive, and reply to textual messages that can include a multimedia attachment, which considerably accelerates the search for a nearby hookup.

By purchasing a separate package, members gain access to SMS chat feature which is faster and more in tune with conversations about one-night stands (although maybe less than perfect for senior dating).

Still, it’s not smart to send too many generic messages or chat requests at once, as a limited number of well-chosen contacts may be a better strategy.

This applies to everyone, but users over 40 should pay additional attention not to appear rude or inconsiderable.

An unwritten rule for senior dating on is that it’s OK to invite someone for sex, but you should wait for a reply to your first message before pressing the matter any further.


Like many other websites that facilitate dating for seniors, has some mechanisms for partner discovery.

A search function is perhaps the most important, and it is available to everyone regardless of their membership level. However, premium users can see additional search results and thus have an extra chance of getting lucky.

By specifying the criteria for the ideal hookup partner, it is possible to get customized recommendations for dates, which is another way to find attractive women or handsome men for a steamy adventure.

That’s why it’s a good idea to define the search parameters immediately after you set up your account at

Paid Membership Account

Because of the messaging system and other advanced features, it is highly recommended to get a premium account as soon as possible.

The price of upgraded membership depends on the package you choose – it can cost as much as $39 per month with a one-month subscription but goes down to $21.90 with a 3-month package and $17.70 with a six-month contract.

In addition to the aforementioned features, premium membership also unlocks the capacity to view photos in HD resolution, add photos and videos to chats, and see more detailed information when inspecting someone’s profile.

Taken together, those perks certainly justify the decision to pay for premium service.


At, security and privacy are taken very seriously, which is an important element of dating for seniors. However, seniors and women who are sensitive about those issues can get additional protection by activating the Safe mode.

In this way, they can control who can send messages to them and limit their exposure to a considerable degree. The website enjoys a good reputation when it comes to financial transactions and isn’t known for selling customers’ data to third parties.

Our Review

The scope of the website is more limited than is customary in the online dating world, with the main focus on one night stands. It is a destination where dating for seniors is possible, but only if they go along with the general spirit of the website.

All the industry’s best features can be found on, although some of them (like sending messages) are reserved only for the paying members.

Premium membership is reasonably priced if you take a longer package, and the extra benefits justify the cost. With this in mind, we can declare One Night Friend to be a solid senior dating option that warrants closer examination.