Senior Sex: Keeping Your Love Life on Track

Mature Sex Tips
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The concept that older folks don’t like to get jiggy with it in the bedroom isn’t true. That said, mature sex presents a challenge for many Canadians who find that senior sex isn’t quite the same as in their younger years.

While you might not be up for nocturnal gymnastics, there is absolutely no reason not to enjoy sex as a healthy, intimate, and enjoyable part of your relationship well into your retirement.

Romance is about closeness and togetherness, and senior sex is a vital part of your well-being, as well as a positive for your overall mobility and vitality.

Mature Sex Tips for Older Men

Let’s get down to the practicalities; being older has pluses and negatives, but you need to be in tune with your physical well-being when planning senior sex.

Guys produce less testosterone as they age, and women might equally have a less voracious sexual appetite as they get older. It is normal not to feel the urge to have sex quite as often, which means when you do, it’s even more special.

You might also have other conditions to think about; common ailments that impact senior sex include:

  • Heart conditions
  • Arthritis or joint stiffness
  • High blood pressure

It’s vital to understand your health holistically, and then explore your senior sex life without harming yourself.

For example, if you have a heart condition, anything too energetic or sudden could be dangerous. Therefore, you want to try senior sex positions that don’t put you under physical strain and are safe and comfortable.

You can also enjoy being intimate without having full sex. If you or your partner suffer from hormonal imbalances, feel anxious about having sex, or aren’t quite there yet in your relationship, you can always try more gentle stimulation and see where it takes you.

Choosing Senior Sex Positions

The best way to have a healthy intimate relationship is to communicate with your partner. If there is something new you’d like to try, or you have been thinking about different mature sex positions, it’s always wise to discuss it beforehand.

  • The missionary position is always a favorite. You can both be comfortable, avoid putting your full body weight on your partner, and you can use cushions and pillows to support your back and head. A tip for older guys; if you rest your weight on your forearms instead of your hands, you’ll avoid putting pressure on your shoulders or back!
  • Chairs are a great way to make sex comfortable in your golden years. If the guy sits on a chair and his partner sits on his lap, you can both be comfortable and relaxed. Make sure to use a stable chair that can easily accommodate your weight, and that won’t slip (camping chairs are a no!).
  • Spooning is another excellent option since both partners are lying down and can rest comfortably. While a bed might not seem like the most exotic of places to make love, you can spoon anywhere you like – and use pillows to support your legs or neck as you wish.

Remember that there is no right or wrong – if it feels good, is comfortable, and you’re both enjoying it, then you’re doing it right.

Finding a Senior Partner to Reignite your Sex Life

One of the biggest challenges for seniors is finding the right life partner to enjoy mature sex with. If you’ve been single for a long time, going back to an active sexual relationship can feel intimidating and scary – but you are far from alone.

Millions of Canadians meet new partners online, and with good reason.

Senior sex sites can be used to meet local single people, find women or men looking for a long-term committed relationship, and even to network and meet other people in a similar age group to share your experiences with.

Our top tips for mature sex are to:

  • Take it slowly, and give yourself time to find what works.
  • Communicate with your partner and go on a journey together.
  • Never try anything that you’re not comfortable with or don’t think is safe.
  • Embrace your sexuality, and have fun!

Don’t ever feel put off by getting back out into the dating game. Engaging in healthy, active intimacy has enormous benefits to your physical, emotional, and mental well-being, and can even add years to your life expectancy.