Benefits of for Senior Dating

As one of the most popular dating sites for older people at the moment, SeniorsToDate has attracted a lot of attention lately, especially as a senior dating location.

Dating for seniors is a frequently discussed topic, but there is a tremendous demand for service of this kind as many older people are searching for women online.

To help everyone who might be interested in what this senior dating site has to offer, we conducted a thorough evaluation of its profiles, features, and benefits.

Members of

Considering that the website is dedicated primarily to the older population, it doesn’t surprise that most of the profiles belong to men and women over 50. So, it is not a secret, that is one of the best canadian dating sites for over 50.

It’s not rare to encounter people of both genders who are over 70 and still active on the senior dating circuit. caters to an international audience and accepts applications from all over the world, but it is more popular in the English-speaking countries.

First Impressions

At first glance, the site looks modern and practical. It doesn’t go overboard with racy illustrations and signals its primary target group – mature men and women.

The interface is clean and easy to get used to, while all classic features typical for dating apps of the latest generation are in place. Overall, the first impression is positive enough to elicit further interest in joining the SeniorsToDate site, at least with a basic profile.

Sign up and Log in process

Before they can access and use any content or features on for senior dating, new members have to open their unique accounts and populate them with personal details.

This process is very simple and straightforward, and won’t take more than 10 minutes to complete even for older people who are not too skilled with computers. To sign up, applicants have to be adults and must provide the following personal info:

  • E-mail address
  • Username
  • Account password
  • Personal photograph

During the registration, the site will ask various questions about the member’s appearance, age, occupation, and other details that comprise a personal profile.

The member can also write a short status that describes his attitude or specifies his preferences for senior dating. Details of this kind are used to fill out the user profile and can be updated or changed at a later time.

Access to the account can be gained from any electronic device such as a computer or tablet by typing the address into the browser and entering the username and password into the required fields.

After logging in to the account, the user will be able to upload photos or videos and browse other members’ profiles.

Making contact at

Contacting other members is the main reason why people come to senior dating websites, so this aspect of the site’s functionality has a tremendous impact.

Contrary to some other websites, SeniorsToDate allows users to send a limited number of messages without paying for a premium membership, which is great for those who would like to test the senior dating waters before jumping in.

In addition to standard messages, users have an array of communication tools at their disposal. Winks represent the simplest way to draw someone’s attention but could feel a bit too childish for those over 60.

Flirtcasts are an even more interesting option more compatible with dating for seniors, as they include some predefined questions and can be sent to several users at once.

Finally, there is a chat window that can be used to send text or video to the other person and receive responses without any delay. As you can see, can accommodate a lot of different communication styles.

Regardless of what channel is used to communicate, there are some general rules to observe to stay respectful towards others.

Golden rules of dating for seniors indicate that it’s considered impolite to send repeated messages or chats to a member who doesn’t show any sign of interest.

With this in mind, it makes sense to wait for a reply before continuing the communication on this senior dating website Also, if a certain profile implied they are interested only in a particular age group (i.e. people over 60), those who don’t fit the criteria should not disturb them.


On any dating website, the search function is crucial for matchmaking purposes and its quality greatly affects the overall performance of the website.

On, this function is quite effective and includes a lot of searchable parameters that enhance the quality of senior dating matches.

It is possible to specify the age range as well as the maximum distance, along with filters such as sexual orientation, body type, marital status, the color of eyes and hair, as well as the presence of a photo.

With such a detailed and precise mechanism, searching for compatible members is probably a better way of finding partners than randomly browsing through photo galleries, especially for older people who are looking for serious, steady relationships.

This is why has such a high percentage of successful members, including both men and women.

Paid membership account

The members who decide to pay for premium membership can gain access to advanced features at, send unlimited messages and chat requests, and ultimately increase their chances of finding a suitable match.

At, premium membership costs $24.99 per month, which is close to the industry average for senior dating apps. There is also a trial package available at the low cost of just $0.99 per day.

While it’s entirely possible to use the website and pay nothing, having a premium account is certainly preferable and highly recommended for senior singles.


Without a doubt, the website can be regarded as a safe dating environment, as there are numerous tools used to protect the users.

Many members have verified profiles, which helps to prevent fake identities and simplifies communication.

For those who want additional security, it is possible to buy a Security upgrade for $11.99 per month and take advantage of HTTPS encryption and automatic cleanup of browsing history, effectively providing a guarantee of anonymity.

Women are often highly aware of privacy, and at they have all the assurances that their identities won’t be revealed against their will.

Our review

After careful examination of all relevant elements of this dating website, we can conclude that it belongs in the group that deserves a good look from anyone over 40.

A clear focus on older people and a broad range of solid features should be enough to at least give a chance.

It’s excellent when it comes to dating for seniors, so people who are searching for partners of similar age should be able to find exactly what they are looking for after a reasonable period of time spent on