Sex Questions for Couples You Should Know About

Sex Questions for Couples
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Not everyone can speak frankly about sex with a loved one. However, this is the way you can really get to know each other, so sometimes you should step over your principles and start talking about sex.

Talking about sex can help you identify problems or expectations and get to know yourself and your partner. Even the most courageous and open-minded people who use mature women dating sites fail to discuss sex.

It is a little more difficult to ask intimate questions to your partner, so it is important to choose the right moment. There is always a fear of offending a partner on such an intimate topic.

Want to understand your partner better than ever? Use these 10 Sexual Couples Questions to read your partner’s naughty mind and ignite the spark.

What sexual fantasy attracts you?

We all have erotic scenarios that we would like to turn into reality. Not all fantasies are easy to explain or bring to life. But honesty, honesty, and lack of judgment are the keys to a successful conversation.

What role in sex attracts you?

Dating Sim GamesConventionally, there are three roles in sex – active, passive, and universal. You can find out if you are a girl that your boyfriend does not like to dominate (just because he is a guy); maybe he wants to obey, be weak, and be driven. If you are a guy, then your girlfriend might like to dominate. Find out about this from your partner, and your sex life will become more interesting.

What erotic films do you like to watch?

Erotic films are not an indicator of what a person wants in reality. Different people are turned on by different things. You can start watching your favourite films together – first your partner, then yours.

Do you like dirty words during sex?

Before calling a partner with dirty words, it is better to clarify whether he or she likes it. Some people like to talk in bed, while others do not like it as it prevents them from concentrating on the process.

For many people, the details of sexual conversations are sparks that ignite passion. But it is very difficult to decide on a dirty conversation, so it is better to first check with your partner how he/she relates to this.

What have you always wanted to try but always feared?

Some people are shy about their preferences and don’t talk about their fantasies. This is unfortunate because sex is a great place to experiment (if both partners agree to it). Create a safe space so that your partner can confess their most unusual fantasies, even the most unusual kink.

What was your hottest erotic dream?

Sex Questions for CouplesFirst, thanks to this, you will learn about the latent and subconscious fantasies of your partner. Secondly, you can bring them to life. This can be an interesting experience. Erotic dreams are normal and indicate sexual health. According to American sexologists, almost all men and about 70% of women see erotic dreams.

How do you please yourself?

Masturbation is a topic that is not usually discussed in couples. But this is an important aspect; no one knows better than the person himself. Nobody knows how to give him or her maximum pleasure.

Thanks to this answer, you will take note of what is likely to work. If your couple is in harmony and you do not feel a lack of intimacy, masturbation is completely normal. Masturbation is about exploring your body.

What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?

Ask him or her about it and share your impressions. It’s okay if you or your partner haven’t had sex in an unusual place. Maybe you are tired of monotonous and routine sex, and you want adventures and spontaneous sex, then try to do “this” in unusual and extreme places. You can explore the last row of the cinema together or something else.

How do you feel about BDSM?

This is a complex topic, and you must first approach it with conversations. For example, you might start by discussing the roles in your couple – who is dominant and who is subordinate. Perhaps your partner has long wanted to try this but hesitated to tell you.

When do you feel the sexiest?

Each person feels a little more attractive than they usually do under certain conditions. It can be in the shower, near the mirror, during sex, while cooking. You can open up your partner if he or she has low self-esteem and he/she is shy about his body.