What is Senior Dating on EliteSingles.ca Like?

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EliteSingles.ca is a premium dating website aimed at matching only the most intellectual seniors together. Although EliteSingles.ca is a holy grail of a senior dating website for those who want a brainy partner, it leaves out a large majority of successful senior men and women who do not hold a university degree. It also appears relatively shallow to weigh out a user’s worth against the ability to receive education or forgo the opportunity for something greater.

EliteSingles.ca aims to create a dating pool for only the most educated and highly professional population, that’s where the “Elite” in the name comes from. Of course, the site doesn’t ignore the element of love and attraction. Their matchmaking is made through a strict algorithm and accurate to the preferences but not necessarily to the element of appeal. To get a complete EliteSingles.ca review, continue reading, grab a bag of popcorn, and a drink. This is going to be a long one.

EliteSingles.ca review

Demographics and Members on the Service

Most users on EliteSingles.ca are there in search of finding new love, making it a choice for many senior users. Most of the men and women are either over 40 or in their 40s. Most (and they claim more than 90%) users on EliteSingles.ca are educated professionals within their field or retired after a successful venture. The site has an excellent ratio of 50-50 between senior men and women. Hence, there is always somebody for someone there on the website.

However, a major downside to EliteSingles.ca is its rigidness to accepting the LGBTQ+ community in their circle. Even as the world keeps progressing, EliteSingles.ca has failed to create space and welcome a community that now only keeps growing.

What’s the First Impression of the Website?

Considering that the service is aimed and made for educated seniors; the website is slightly more technical to handle and navigate. Considering that not everyone who is over 70 received formal education on the use of a computer device, it makes EliteSingles.ca hard to navigate.

However, unlike most dating websites, this service for older people has a mobile application aimed at users who wish to use EliteSingles.ca on the go. All tabs are organized neatly with neutral-toned colours that are easy on the eyes.

Everything About Long and Complex Registration

A significant drawback of using the website is the lengthy, time consuming sign-up procedure. Members need to fill out a detailed questionnaire to sign up for EliteSingles.ca, which can be irritating as the chances of a genuine match still aren’t guaranteed.

You will also be asked to fill out a personality test, which is later evaluated by a trained psychologist. This test contains 29 personality trait-related questions, which will give insight into your preferred partner’s looks, personality, and lifestyle habits.

The questions are simple to answer, but someone who has never thought of what kind of character they hold would have a hard time answering all 29 questions, and for older people it may prove tiresome. The questions are designed in a “rate-yourself” manner, and you can choose how strongly you agree with the statements. The sign-up process takes a total of 30 mins to complete for a computer-literate person; this could increase for those not tech-savvy.

Navigating the Website

Searching up a profile for this EliteSingles.ca review was a time-consuming process. And as we all can agree, patience is something we run our once we are over 50; hence senior dating sites need to take this point into consideration when developing their method of matchmaking. Suppose you didn’t complete the psychological test with complete certainty. In that case, you’d be matched with someone who doesn’t fit your criteria of an ideal partner which is a significant drawback when you’re trying to make dating for seniors’ work.

Another frustrating feature of the site is that users cannot freely navigate profiles; they can only view and engage with members who’ve liked their profile. And the jurisdiction of viewing all profiles is only with the site’s management and matching algorithm.

Premium Features

Considering the above-average cost of premium membership, you’d expect this platform to provide features like no other platforms. Listed below are the characteristics the site charges you extra money for:

  1. Explanation of personality tests that are often given for free on other websites.
  2. Other websites match all members without any extra charges.
  3. Any visits to your profile or messages cannot be tracked for free, nor do they allow free trial messages to test the waters before investing.
  4. Extra information as simple as photos cannot be seen.
  5. Freedom of expression of thoughts is restricted, which makes it hard to ‘get-to-know’ the potential love of your life before moving forward to the next step.

Safety & Security

EliteSingles.ca assures users of “quality care” and making your senior dating experience one of a kind. The website is secured with an SSL certificate, which guarantees no user information is left vulnerable and traceable, which is a pretty big plus in dating for seniors.

It’s nice to see that the website has a customer service team in place; however, they aren’t available for contact 24/7. Hence in case of an emergency, you’d have to contact them during their working hours, which are Mondays to Fridays, 9 am – 6 pm GMT+1 as their team is based in Berlin, Germany. Even then, there is no guarantee of receiving a reply. Other ways to contact platform’s support are through filling their online query form or sending a letter to their headquarters the old-fashioned way.

Concluding the Expert Review of EliteSingles.ca

EliteSingles.ca features itself as a premium senior dating site where only the most elite people gather to find love. Although, the website offerings are worth questioning considering their premium subscription cost, which is above average compared to other sites offering dating for seniors. Some of the paid features like commenting on posts, sending messages without any test trails, and getting a detailed personality test analysis, seem over-priced compared to features provided as free by other senior dating sites.