QuickFlirt.com for Senior Dating (Review)

Most websites dedicated to dating for seniors tend to prioritize long term relationships, but in reality, many older people like to flirt and enjoy one-night stands.

This is why QuickFlirt can be very interesting to people over 40, who have plenty of reasons to open an account on this site and use it to find partners for casual dating.

Compared to traditional dating sites for seniors, QuickFlirt offers a more relaxed atmosphere and quite a few options that make lighthearted flirting much easier.

This review will present all the most important features of QuickFlirt.com from the perspective of senior users who are actively looking for sex partners. Here is what the website can offer for older people:


There are around 1.4 million members at QuickFlirt, with more than 100,000 of them actively looking for partners every week. People from all over the world are present at the site.

In terms of age structure, the membership is rather diverse, with younger users accounting for a majority of members but people over 70 also being well represented.

There are more men than women at the website, but with so many active users online at every moment, people of both genders have very good chances of finding a date.

Most profiles belong to real people, although it’s always smart to be careful and look at multiple photos when interacting with someone, just to be sure about that person’s true identity.

First Impressions

While this may not be the largest dating website in the world, it has a well-defined audience and attracts men and women who are interested in sex dating above all else.

From a technical standpoint, QuickFlirt.com is functional and user-friendly, so even older users who are not very proficient with computers can easily find everything they are looking for and engage in dating for seniors with no strings attached.

QuickFlirt is generally well regarded in the online dating community and has numerous long-term members, which testifies to its quality. At first sight, it definitely looks like an option worth trying if quick flirting and sex adventures are your thing.

QuickFlirt.com for senior dating

Sign-Up and Login Process

The first step towards finding a date, on QuickFlirt.com is to open a personal account. This can be completed very quickly if you follow the succession of instructions and enter accurate personal data when prompted.

During the sign-up process, new members choose their usernames and passwords they can use to access the website from any device. Once a new profile is generated, the member can log in with his password and upload a few good looking photos and/or videos to his account.

Building a good and representative profile on QuickFlirt is very important, so it makes sense to dedicate some time and do this the right way.

Overall, it’s fair to say that sign-up and login procedures are quite standard at this website, so there are no obstacles for new members to join and start dating for seniors quickly.

Making Contact on QuickFlirt.com

Looking at photos of attractive women or men may be fun, but in order to actually find a date it is necessary to start communicating with the members that catch your attention.

It is true that QuickFlirt.com limits the communication options for non-paying members, who are restricted from sending ’winks’ to those they want to interact with.

To unlock access to the messaging system, users have to purchase a premium package and only then can construct textual messages and attach personal photos, sexy videos, or even customized voice messages.

There is also a curated matchmaking function, where QuickFlirt shows a range of potential matches and thus makes dating for senior pursuits so much easier.

Everyone is well advised to look at the detailed profile before sending a message to check whether the preferences are compatible – this is particularly important for men over 60 who are seeking dates with younger women.


A search function is an extremely important feature of every dating site, and at QuickFlirt.com it can be described as a major strength.

This feature is available to all users regardless of their membership status, so even basic members can rely on it to find a similar-minded person for an adventure.

It is possible to set the parameters for your search based on certain demographic criteria – for example, you could try to look for women over 50 who are not located further than 50 miles from your place of residence.

Without a doubt, initiating a search and then looking at photos is the quickest way to narrow down your selection and identify a few potentially interesting profiles that deserve exploring further and perhaps contacting.

Paid Membership Account

It is common practice for senior dating to get a full membership package in order to maximize the chances of success, and this is good advice for QuickFlirt.com as well.

Paying for premium membership at this dating site grants access to many useful advanced features, for example, the ability to attach photos and videos to your messages.

It’s possible to try a premium account for a week for just $7, so it’s sensible to at least temporarily upgrade your profile and see whether the extra options are worth it.

A one-month membership costs $28.8, but the price drops to $16.60 with a three-month package. That puts QuickFlirt.com among a group of more affordable dating sites for older people and explains in part why this website is becoming very popular among users of all age groups.


Security features at QuickFlirt are in line with industry standards and there are no reported incidents of financial fraud or identity theft.

Financial transactions can be performed in several secure ways, including direct wire transfers, while the site even has a satisfaction guarantee where members who fail to meet anyone after three months get a partial refund.

For those who want maximum protection, QuickFlirt.com offers a security upgrade for just $0.45 per day where all communication is encrypted and additional features such as automatic erasing of old messages are activated.

Our Review

A thorough overview of all features reveals a well-rounded website that serves a broad audience and delivers a high level of service for senior dating, particularly for premium profile owners.

It has enough users to enable men and women of all generations, including those over 60, but is not so large to attract a lot of fraudsters and annoying trolls.

QuickFlirt is obviously intended for adventure-minded people, although it’s not out of the question that a flirt might eventually grow into something more serious.

With moderate prices for premium membership packages, solid user interface design, and a whole array of attractive features, this website definitely deserves to be tested firsthand by anyone looking for senior dating and casual flirting.